Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Dim Sum

This is a dim sum restaurant not to be missed. It is at Damansara Jaya. I will not attempt to identify the dim sum dishes because the variety is bewildering. Suffice to say that those who happen to be in Damansara Jaya should try it. It has two other outlets, one of which is at Damansara UPTown (I think).

Friday, 15 May 2009

Fishy Outing

My brother recently went out to sea in Melbourne and came back with tuna shashimi on the table. As a kid he had always been fascinated with fishing; this fascination has continued to this day. He has even bought a boat to do just that. The tuna he caught would have turned tuna shashimi lovers green with envy around the gills.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Alternate Batu Pahat Big Orange

Now we have two Big Orange Stations, the former bosses of the original Big Orange Station have vacated the premises in the former Cheng Siu Primary School to move opposite to Dragon Hotel. The ground level of Dragon Hotel used to be a food court cum horse racing bookies and punters. It has since been shut down by the Police. Now, the brothers of the iconic developer, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew of the Mines Resorts and Country Height fame have moved in to convert the place into a mini-food court cum karaoke entertainment outlet.

While they still continue to deploy the same strategy of getting ageing amateurs to sing, his direct competitor at the original Big Orange has unleashed a bevy of relatively young and professional singers to entice customers.

We were there to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends although we didn't know it until he announced it with a crate of beer and a simple dinner.

The simple stage with that hideous lighted coconut tree

One of the resident singers

Another singer who is popularly known as "headmistress' although I have never found out why she was given that honorific

There you have them; all four regular entertainers

This is new; it employs an organist who used to play at Disco 2000

The stage. Food courts with karaoke have become popular entertainment outlets with families and middle-aged and senior citizens

The food we had that night was ordered from a shop opposite the eating market. Not bad as far as a simple meal goes.

Curry red snapper head

Assam pedas stingray, although it wasn't that spicy

Fried sambal squids and shrimps

The common fried eggs with onion

Sesame deep fried chicken meat

The revelers tucking in the food

Ah Ping, in his seventies, proudly displaying his drinking prowess

The man we called "monkey', a farmer. At his age, he is still climbing trees

The birthday boy on the left

The simple birthday cake

One of the owners, the brother of Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bottled Water: Do we need it?

I have fallen into a state of complete mental lethargy. The last posting was on 14 April, and that to me is a long time ago. Any way just to get my ass moving, I have posted this from an email urging us to cut down plastic waste and clean up the earth. I don't know who the originator of of this paperless message is, but obviously he/she is an environmentalist.