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More Malay Than The Malays

I just couldn't believe my eyes when I read what this PHD holder and a Muslim Chinese convert wrote in a Malay newspaper.

  • As the majority Malay-Muslims, they (MALAYS) have the rights, (and) it had been agreed upon through the SOCIAL CONTRACT.
(Nobody is disputing the privileges spelled out in the constitution, but help should be extended to ALL who require it. Why is it that whenever a call is made for more equitable distribution of the nation's wealth, it is always viewed as questioning the the special position of the Malays?)
  • The number of NON-MUSLIM places of worship EXCEEDED overwhelmingly, their (CHINESE and INDIANS) festival celebrations actually drowned the Muslims celebrations even though they (CHINESE and INDIANS) are less in numbers.
(Where did he get the figure from? Is he saying that the Chinese and Indian festival celebrations make such a din that they offend Muslim sensitivity? Did I note a hint of contempt for cultures different from the Muslims?)
  • Just look at the shopping malls, although CHRISTIANS are only nine (9)per cent, the Christmas and New Year 2010 celebrations are incomparable to the Hari Raya and the Islamic New Year.
(Christmas has become so commercialized that shopping malls are out to make a profit. I remember very clearly that Islamic officials have reminded Muslims to celebrate Hari Raya in prayer. So do not criticize others who want to celebrate with a big bang).
  • If you do not believe, visit the states ruled by the ultra kiasu (CHINESE) and its allies (PAS and PKR) , and the shopping malls of their allies throughout the country.”
(Has he forgotten that during Barisan National's rule it was the same? In fact, it was even more apparent as the economy was doing well).
  • I think the MUSLIMS in this country are very tolerant and soft. Their religious festivals and funerals are well mannered and simple. Roads are NOT congested. Their graves are very small.
(In other words, the non-Malays' religious festivals and funerals, are loud, rude and ritual ridden. Hasn't he heard of cultural diversity?)
  • Compared to OTHER religions , which the number is already smaller, at times the roads are congested the whole day on certain festivals. Their (NON MUSLIMS) graves are so wide and large.
(Has he not noticed that every Friday, roads leading to the mosques are doubled or triple parked with cars, causing inconvenience to motorists, but non-Malays have never complained? What about the morning call to prayers? Non-Malays have never dared to raise the issue for fear of offending Muslim sensitivity?).
  • So far, the MUSLIMS are NOT that noisy compared to others (NON MUSLIMS) , although their graves are narrowing and protests from the NON-MUSLIMS are increasingly bolder when there is an increase in Islamic cemeteries.

  • Is it FAIR if the NUMBERS of NON-MUSLIMS are NOT many, but their (NON MUSLIMS) graves actually sink the Muslims graves? Have we asked the views of the Muslims and their sensitivity?

  • Those with money build their (NON MUSLIMS) tombs so high and so wide and beautify them with statues as far as the eyes can see.

  • Meanwhile, the Muslims graves, irrespective of their positions, are simple because Islam does not believe in the designing of the tomb. Having no graves is also not a problem.
(But the Chinese believe that even in death, a Chinese must be buried in a manner reflective of his social or economic status. As he said, Islam does not believe in such wasteful practice; again did I detect a note of contemptuous superiority here or am I reading too much into that statement? You do not believe in it, but others do; so to each his own).

  • Have the Muslims ever claimed equal rights and equal opportunities? No, because they (MALAYS) are NOT ultra kiasu (CHINESE).

  • Are the number of CHURCHES and the pile of houses of worship sinking the number mosques and suraus not considered as RIGHT?

  • Have we ever prevented THEM (CHINESE and INDIANS) from going to church every Sunday? Do not compare with the Muslims because WE (MALAYS) worship differently. We (MALAYS) have different needs. Similarly goes the requirements for jamaah prayers.
(So do we, so like you said don't compare).
  • All this while THEY (CHRISTIANS) have never use the word Allah in our (MALAY) country, so why the sudden need for the word of Allah to be used?
(Let the highest court decide on this issue. Are the Muslims so weak in their faith that they cannot tell the difference? Many scholars have pointed out that the HOLY WORD is not only used by Malay Muslims but by peoples of other faith as well).
  • It is definitely their (CHRISTIANS) strategy to CONFUSE the MUSLIMS into following THEIR religion.

  • My advice to all (MUSLIM) parents is to take care of your children and NOT to be deceived by their (CHINESE and INDIANS) EVIL strategies and EVIL intentions.
(So the Chinese and Indians are evil; they want to convert the Muslims to other religions).
  • Unfortunately, these will and has occurred in Selangor and Penang, if WE (MALAYS) continue to allow this ultra kiasu (CHINESE ) to rule and to be mighty.

  • Look at PENANG today, as if it is NO longer a MALAY island. It is full of Santa Claus and New Year greetings, while THEY (CHINESE and INDIANS/CHRISTIANS) consist of only nine per cent

  • Therefore, let us (MALAYS) make the changes before it is too late. Do not end later with OUR religion (ISLAM) going nowhere in OUR (MALAY) own land. By then, it will be too late. You cannot allow the creepers to grow higher. When they have gone up, they will remain there, and it will be difficult for them to come down.
(This clarion call reminds me of the Ku Klux Kan whose avowed purpose is to protect the rights of the white Americans by violence and spreading fear. I think I have had enough reading his diatribe. It gets really tiresome. To think that someone who holds a Masters as well a PHD degree, and a senior lecturer to boot could submit such infantile arguments is beyond my comprehension. You can continue to read further if you wish to).
  • The extremist (ie Pakatan Rakyat supporters) labelled the newspaper (UTUSAN MALAYSIA) as criminals. If the newspaper is considered as criminal then it also meant that the journalist, newspaper columnist and author are also criminals.

  • My question is, whether the ultra kiasu party (CHINESE party, DAP) news tabloid and the other racist political parties and those concocted with them, are THEY (CHINESE) also not evil?

  • The ultra kiasu (CHINESE) party and its group are not only EVIL , but it is already clearly a fact that THEY (CHINESE) have an EVIL intention by NOT accepting the SOCIAL CONTRACT and REJECTING the Federal Constitution and also challenging sensitive matters that have long been agreed upon.

  • If we (MALAYS) spy their (CHINESE) movement, I am confident WE (MALAYS) will see their (CHINESE) true colours, including the one exco (CHRISTIAN) that brought Santa Claus to meet their state leader.

  • To this leader, if you enjoy celebrating with Santa Claus (ie CHRISTIANS) , please do not over do it. As Muslims, we (MALAYS) are taught to respect other religions, but do not go overboard.

  • They (ie CHINESE and NON-Muslims) are very cunning at planning.

  • Many MALAYS have sidetracked because of being too close to Santa Claus(CHRISTIANS).

  • The sensitive issues were raised to demand equal rights and opportunities for the ultra kiasu (CHINESE) group. They (CHINESE) know these things cannot be raised openly as they (CHINESE) can be held under the Sedition Act.

  • They (CHINESE) deliberately want to test UMNO, which currently is at its most crucial situation because of not getting two-thirds majority [in Parliament] and [is] also facing the painful disunity of the Malay-Muslims.

  • My question is that, if UMNO can sacrifice the Grik parliamentary seat, why can’t Gerakan? Who is more tolerant and having the nature of giving?

  • The Malay majority had to vote the non-Malay (Gerakan) even with resentment. This is the noble nature of the Malay-Muslims. Is this tolerance being appreciated? It is like a dog biting its own master.

  • ALL(CHINESE and INDIANS) are putting the race interests ahead rather than the national interests. If this is how it is done, I think, WE (MALAYS) are far from achieving the 1 Malaysia concept.

  • To them (CHINESE and INDIANS) , THEIR race strength must be defended even with whatever reasons and challenges given. Who are the real criminals and more evil?"

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