Friday, 1 July 2011

The Yellow Viper (5)

The Seattle Anti-Chinese Riot of 1886

Panel 1: packing up
Panel 2: on the wharf
Panel 3: the collision

A mob rounded up the Chinese in Seattle and herded them to the dock to be transported back to China. More than 350 were confined to the shore to await the first ship. While most left on the first ship, 150 were stranded on the shore. As a result of the riot the US President declared martial law in the city to prevent further expulsion of the Chinese. Eventually passions cooled as most Chinese immigrants left on their on accord. The US government paid $276,619.15 in compensation for the rioting to the Chinese government, but the victims never saw the light of that money.

Other incidents

The Chinese Massacre Cove, Oregon, 1887. A gang of 4 white men robbed, murdered and mutilated 31 Chinese men. Three of the men were tried, but none were convicted of the murder.

The Rock Springs massacre, Wyoming, 1885. 28 Chinese died and 25 injured in a clash between White immigrant miners and Chinese miners. Incensed by the coal mining company's policy of paying lower wages to the Chinese miners resulting in the hiring of more Chinese miners over the white miners, the white miners rioted. They razed 75 Chinese homes to the ground.

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