Thursday, 13 December 2007

What's In A Word?

We have Manglish, or Malaysian English, Singlish, or Singapore English, Indian English, Hong kong English, and others as they are spoken by non-native speakers of other Commonwealth countries. The varieties of English are simply astounding. They have enriched the language and make it truly a world language which Esperanto could never hope to emulate.

It is the pronunciation and intonation of the non-native speakers that differentiate markedly one variety of English from another. And they are often 'exploited' for comic effect in movies and television. The clip below is an example of Indian English. Taken from You Tube, it is a remake of the original version which is not as funny as this.


Please do not listen to the audio clip if you are squirmish about the "f" word.

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  1. He is no English professor, it is Osho, the religious leader, now dead and gone. If you search for osho on youtube, you'll identify the same background laughter track and his voice. k