Wednesday, 5 December 2007


When we heard the familiar ringing of the bell, we rushed out of our house. It was time for our ice-balls!. The ice-ball man, on his tricycle would get down and shave the ice, shape it into a ball and sweeten it with colourful syrup and we would have our fill of sucking on the balls to extract the sweetness. The method of shaving ice then was a piece of wood studded with nails to hold the ice-block firmly while scraping it over a sharp blade embedded in a thick block of wood. Although it was unhygienic, we never got sick from it. Life became much easier for the ice-ball makers when a machine was invented to make shaving ice easier.

The traditional ice shaver (photo from:

The invention (photo from:

The ice-ball has since been replaced by the popular ice-kacang. The Ocean Seafood Restaurant recently set up an ice-kacang corner so that customers could enjoy it as a dessert. The ice-kacang can be had for RM 1.00. (No, there is no incentive of any sort from blogging on The Ocean Seafood Restaurent, if the thought crosses your mind. It so happens that it offers the cheapest beer in a comfortable restaurant setting!).

The ice-kacang corner

A waitress filling up the containers with the ingredients for ice-kacang

The ice-shaving machine which is operated electrically

Shaving the ice block

The shaved ice

Customers have a wide selection of things to put into their ice-kacang

Atap chee, which is the fruit from the nipah palm

cin cao

Corn cream

Cendol, the thin worm like pandan flavoured flour noodles


Sweet kidney beans

Gula melaka or palm sugar

Green syrup

Red syrup

The ice-kacang topped with corn cream and evaporated milk


  1. it looks delicious but i don't hav a ice shaver machine! so sad


  2. Great post.....
    What a Nice ICE SHAVER. You've reached my dream. congratulations and enjoy it.

    Ice Shaver