Sunday, 22 June 2008

100th Anniversary of CCC Batu Pahat

I attended the 100th anniversary dinner cum Karaoke Competition of the Batu Pahat Chinese Chamber of Commerce on the fourth floor of Lien Hoe Plaza. It was held at the former Imperial Restaurant which was renamed after it was taken over by Batu Pahat Ocean Restaurant. It seems the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is in tune with the Chinese population here as karaoke is a favourite past-time of the young and old. The karaoke competitors, all polished performers came from various states of Malaysia.

The food served up by Ocean Restaurant was equally good. I don't know which state won as I left early.

The refurbished restaurant at Lien Hoe Plaza

A new dish: steamed prawns and otak-otak

Herbal pork-rib soup

A combination dish of fried and steamed grouper

Steamed cabbage with dried scallop, dried oyster, diced chicken and diced water-chestnut; a really delicious dish

Below are shots of some of the competitors from various parts of Malaysia

This competitor is from Batu Pahat

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