Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Seaview Restaurant

Seaview Restaurant has come a long way since its humble beginning as a three single-storey shop lot at Kampung Merdeka. For those who do not know, the present premise was at one time a bar known as Blue Swan which later became known as The Flamingo dance hall, notoriously known for its strip-tease acts which had periodically featured none other than raunchy performances of Rose Chan and her troupe.

In addition to the restaurant in town, it has a huge banquet hall at Tanjong Labuh which can accommodate dinner for at least 1,500 people.

I have not had dinner at The Sea View Restaurant for a long time as my choice has always been The Ocean Restaurant at Jalan Shahbandar for its cozy atmosphere. It came as a surprise when I found out that it has introduced a lot more new dishes in its selection of food. My Singapore friend went overboard, I think, when he ordered too many dishes for the six of us. But he had an explanation: he wanted to try as many as possible so that he would know what to order the next time he comes back to Batu Pahat. Anyway, some of the offerings were good, some passable. But as far as food presentation is concerned, it has exceeded my expectation.

The Seaview Restaurant at Jalan Zabedah, diagonally opposite the Crystal Inn

The banquet hall at Tanjung Labuh

The interior of the Seaview Restaurant on the ground floor

The steamed crab rice received mixed responses from us. A lawyer friend claimed that it was excellent while another friend complained that there was too much of ginger in the rice.

Close-up of the steamed crab rice
This is the dish that received the thumbs up. It is actually braised chunks of grouper and other condiments that go well with the noodles that came with it

The noodles served on a square dish. Presentation has improved

Deep-fried pig's trotter, Thai style: the skin crispy and the meat soft and succulent

Close-up of a part of the pig's trotter

We went for the red snapper steamed with preserved olive leaves. We were unanimous that the taste was strange

Deep-fried pork-ribs with whole shallots. It was, well a common dish, except for the whole shallots. Forgettable

Szechuan tofu with mengkuang, or Chinese turnip. The sauce is sweet-sour

Local tofu with toppings of scallops and steamed broccoli

A crunchy vegetable dish

Deep-fried sliced brinjal with pan-fried buttered beaten egg and crispy pork floss. A delicious food that goes well when you are having a couple of beers

Deep-fried yam, shreds of duck meat and diced water chestnut cakes eaten with flat steamed buns. An unusual but savoury dish

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