Monday, 18 June 2007

Sekolah Dato Bentara Luar

Well Larry, I went to SDBL this morning to take some pictures. I will try to take you down memory lane as smoothly as possible. So here goes.

This is the entrance of the school. On the right is a three storey block of classrooms, the latest addition to the school.

The new block as seen from the school compound. Adjacent to the block, is the block comprising single-storey classrooms which I am sure you are familiar with. This block has been converted into rooms for various activities such as the Cooperative Store, and society rooms.

A closer view of the old block.

As you walk further down, you will come to the road on your right which leads to the office, the staff room and the canteen. On the left are two single storey blocks which you are familiar with. The block in the foreground is used as classrooms, and the one in the background is used as science labs.

Directly opposite the block of science labs is the two storey block that comprises the office and the staff room on the lower floor, and classrooms on the upper floor. Photo shows the sideview of the block.

The corridor of the office block seen from the end of the block.

A picturesque view of the staffroom. The staffroom is the one with glass doors at both ends. The brick steps lead directly down to the old single storey block which is the first block you see as you enter the school.

The single storey block directly below the office block. In the background is the new four storey block of classrooms.

At the back of the office block is the school canteen. A part of the canteen used to double up as a place for gymnastics training. Now it is completely converted into a canteen.

At the end of the canteen is another block known as the Living Skills block where students are taught sewing, cooking, piping, simple electronics and carpentry.

The road that leads to the office block and canteen used to go all the way up to the 'padang' Now it stops at the canteen. A covered steep flight of steps leads to the padang. The first building you see on your left is the computer lab.

A considerably reduced padang. Part of it has been requisitioned to build the computer lab and a parking lot.

As you come down from the office block, you will see another road branching to the right. This road goes past a block of classrooms and the library. The building in blue is the library or the resource room as they call it now.

Inside the resource room.

The road slopes upward toward the school hall. There are two blocks of classrooms in the compound of the hall.

A view of the school hall.

Further up the road is the hostel. A small road leads to the padang and the computer lab.

This is a small sheltered resting spot for students. They are found in various parts of the school compound.

There are still a couple of buildings which I have left out because they are blocked by trees.

Well Larry, this is the end of the journey. I hope you are able to get a fair idea of the changes in the school. Before I leave, here is a shot of Limpoon Primary School next to SDBL.

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