Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Steamboat Garden Huitre

Did you know that the Steamboat Garden at Minyak Beku has three VIP rooms for guests who prefer some privacy? The air-conditioned rooms, which can comfortably accommodate 10 people while one can take in 20 diners, are equipped with karaoke facilities so diners could only embarrass each other with their lack of singing ability.

Apart from the usual dishes that go with the steamboat, the restaurant also serves 'huitre' or fresh oysters at RM 6.00 a piece. I for one have never been into eating raw food, including sashimi, but obviously many would swear by their deliciousness. I watched fascinated as John Tan, biting and chewing the oyster with obvious relish, proclaimed in between mouthfuls, the excellent health promoting properties of raw oysters in boosting the libido. He proceeded happily to help himself to another when I refused to be drawn into taking my share.

Huitre or oyster at Rm 6.00 a piece

My share which John later 'appropriated'

The usual prawns, pig liver and kidney, and a kind of shell fish. The white bowl on the left contains crispy fried pork fat for the soup

The popular white pomfret and scallops

Shell fish and pig kidney and liver

The steamboat laden with vegetables, tofu and sweet corn


  1. a fresh raw oyster served in a shot glass is called an "oyster shooter",an appetizer on a bar menu. We dunk it in a spicy seafood cocktail sauce which is mixture of tomato ketchup,grated horseradish,lemon juice,& splash of hot sauce. The bravado is to swallow it in one gulp.

  2. Check out the website I was shocked to learn that several individuals die each year from the consumption of raw oysters that are contaminated with naturally occurring Vibrio bacteria. Some gulf states have chosen to not take action in order to make raw oysters safe for ALL consumers.

    Several years ago, the state of California made a requirement that all imported raw oysters must be pasteurized and since that requirement was put into place there have been NO FURTHER DEATHS in that state.

    In order to affect change, consumers need to only accept oysters that are SAFE through post harvest processing or through being cooked. Consumer demand drives the market and the industry would be forced to provide oysters that did not lead to unnecessary deaths.

    The website has a wealth of information available and also explains how you can help in making the consumption of oysters safe for everyone.

  3. Thanks Jennie for your suggestion. It came as a shock to me that people could die from eating raw oysters; this would be an eye-opener to those oyster lovers!