Saturday, 7 June 2008

Fish Barbecue

We recently had a fish barbecue. The fish were merely covered with salt and wrapped in aluminium foil and grilled over an electric grill. There was a particular fish, ikan terubok from Sarawak that was grilled without removing its scales or its internal organs. I thought that was gross. However, my fish lover friends thought otherwise. They said the best part of the fish was the cooked internal organs. Yuk!! Anyway, I ate sparingly and focussed more on the hot-dogs which were grilled later.

Grilling some fish

Grilled fish covered with salt

Spreading salt on aluminium foil

Placing the whole ikan terubok on a layer of salt

Covering the fish in salt

Wrapping up the fish

Grilling the fish

After grilling for about an hour, the fish is unwrapped

Removing the skin completely to expose the meat

The ikan terubok is a very boney fish. Note the fine bones

Grilled hot-dogs

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