Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Cold Crab Dish

I was fascinated by this cold crab dish served up by Jia Wee Restaurant. In fact it was my first taste of crab prepared in this way. Regrettably, I only had shreds of the crab meat as only two crabs were ordered for a table of 12. But I had the perfect excuse as I wanted to blog about this dish, so I needed to know what it tasted like. It was fantastic! Never have I had crabs that tasted so fresh and succulent before. The crab was first steamed with sliced ginger, spring onions and egg white; it was then left in the freezer for about one and the half hours to firm the flesh. I did not try the sauce that accompanied it; instead I opted for wasabe mixed in soya sauce. It was fantabulous. The restaurant has to be notified earlier so that it could prepare the dish.

The sauce for the crab

Jia Wee is wedged between two tall buildings, diagonally opposite the famous pet fish shop, Xian Leng. It is open for business only at night. Apart from the crab dish we also had others.

Jia Wee Restaurant

Deep fried 'kampung' or farm chicken. Every body is into kampung chicken as it is considered to contain less fat

This is guaranteed to raise your cholesterol level by many bars: steamed sliced belly pork

Close-up of sliced belly pork

This is my favourite fish: fried 'Kembong' or mackeral

The last dish: fried beehoon with bitter melon

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