Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tun Dr Ismail Wet Market

Tun Dr. Ismail wet market is a modern market unlike the typical smelly, dirty and chaotic markets in small towns. It was a pleasant experience buying groceries and fresh food.

The wet market at Tun Dr. Ismail

A man selling dukung, a sweet local seasonal fruit, outside the market

The dukung fruit. Obviously, the man has a problem with spelling

The well laid out stalls selling a variety of things, including orchid plants

The Ramadan season sees a huge variety of cookies being sold

Home made cookies and biscuits

Lemang, glutinous rice baked in bamboo. It is usually eaten with beef rendang

Orchid plants for sale

A Malay lady selling soybean curd and soy drink

One of the stalls selling vegetables

A fish stall

There is even one selling clothes

In deference to Muslims, stalls selling pork are located at the basement

Ham, hot dogs and bacon are also sold

Roast pork and char siew

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