Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Malaysian Wrongfully Detained For 11 Months

Today's news, more shocking than the ruckus kicked up by one pompous insignificant UMNO division chief is the wrongful detention of M. Rajeshvari in an immigration detention camp for illegal immigrants for 11 months. All because she forgot her identity card number and unable to speak Bahasa Malaysia. She was six months pregnant at that time and gave birth while in detention. She was freed last Friday.

Pic from Star Online

I just wonder if there is any legal recourse that she could have to compensate for the 11 months' of suffering she had endured in the camp. Couldn't the Immigration people find a Tamil interpreter to determine her status? But the Immigration Department has been known to be less than humane in its treatment of illegal immigrants.

What was it like to be detained for 11 months? Someone should interview her and write an account of her experience on her behalf. She might become the next celebrity after Ahmad Ismail, the hero or racist, depending on what colour your skin is.

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