Wednesday, 17 September 2008

I went to a hawker food centre at Taman Mega, Petaling Jaya for breakfast this morning. We stopped by a provision store to buy some stuff and I saw this Indian man selling putumayam, a traditional Indian food. The putumayam is actually balls of cooked rice vermicelli sprinkled liberally with grated coconut and brown sugar.

The putumayam vendor

The putumayam is made from rice vermicelli

Grated coconut

Brown sugar powder

Nearby is a wet market.

Later we went to the Taman Mega hawker food centre. It was crowded and we had to wait awhile for a table.

The hawker food centre

Workers busily making coffee, tea and other beverages

We ordered this: bee hoon (rice vermicelli) soup with pork balls, Chinese sausage and minced pork fried in black soya sauce. A very popular hawker food, famous for its springy pork balls.

Then we went to check out an apartment which my sister and her husband had bought two years ago at a cost of RM 198,000. It is only about slightly over 900 sq feet. The selling price now is about RM240,000.

Some apartments face the swimming pool

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