Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Exotic Food To Beat Infation

With the recent price hikes in fuel and food items, Malaysians should in keeping with the government's advice, seriously consider a change in lifestyle, particularly in their eating habits. They should start learning to eat crickets, cicadas, centipedes, house lizards, worms, grasshoppers, beetles, even stray dogs and other edible insects and sea creatures. It is time for Malaysians, especially those living in the urban centres to make forays into the country side for edible plants and creatures; scour the beach for sea urchins, star fish and tiny crabs for the table to cut down food costs.

It has been said that since Vietnamese workers made their presence felt in Batu Pahat, dogs have disappeared from the streets of Batu Pahat. One hypothesis is that Vietamese (no derision intended) being eaters of dog-meat have cleaned out the population of stray dogs in Batu Pahat, which is a good thing for the Public Health Department as it would have saved on bullets in hunting down stray dogs and prevented the animal rights supporters from kicking up a big row.

In some parts of the African continents, Thailand, the Philipines and China, insects are eaten as a delicacy, and it is high time for Malaysians to feel less squeamish about eating these insects and creatures which purportedly contain high levels of protein.

The Chinese have been known (somewhat contemptuously) to eat anything on earth and these pictures from G. Pollack and hq testify to, shall we say, that adventurous appetite?

Frog being put into a juicer

A customer enjoying frog juice

Video on Exotic food in China by tinfamily


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