Monday, 9 March 2009

Rengit: an Extraordinary Flea Mart (3)

We made another trip to the flea market, this time to look around for some dining table tops. This time around I was more interested in some of the old furniture . I saw this one tucked away in a dusty corner. I don't know where it comes from, but its appearance suggests aboriginal art from Borneo.

A close up shot

According to the owner, this closet has been sold

Michael inspecting what looks like a Chinese altar

Solid wood chairs with brass handles

These are undergoing reconditioning

Rattan furniture left out to dry after coats of varnishing have been applied

Doors for sale

We bought these Italian made lanterns (Rm 500 for six of them)

On the way back we stopped by at Senggarang to have 'assam' fish, which Senggarang is famous for. There are a number of shops selling this. This is opposite the wet market. The more well known one is close.

Working in such a confined space the lady could whip up the 'assam' fish in a jiffy plus the vegetables that we have ordered

Assam ikan pari or stingray

Assam local red snapper head


  1. Dear Mr Lee,
    Where is the Flea Market in Rengit. I was looking for it.

    Dr CT Goh

  2. Ask the local people there. They will direct you to the place.