Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Country Living (6)

I could see that perpetual gleam in his eyes and sense the passion as he talked about his vision for his farm; his ideas kind of flowed as he rattled off: a herbal garden, organic farming, farm chicken fed on corn, palm wine trees, spas to accommodate two people, foot massage, and food. He used us as a sounding board to clarify his vision. Everything must be natural; no plastic tableware or chairs, no metal, but unfortunately most things natural are expensive and he had to settle for a dilution. His completed gazebo is vision dented by the reality of cheap plastic chairs and the high cost of attap roofing.

Anyway, Mr Lim invited us to try out a couple of dishes at his gazebo which could accommodate three medium sized tables. He wanted us, as he put it frankly, to comment on his food. He prepared two dishes: curry fish head and a chicken dish cooked with ground leaves of a native Sarawak plant called 'pokok ma' or the 'ma tree'. The leaves are said to be used in cooking by the indigenous people to fortify their women after childbirth. His second wife is a Sarawakian of Chinese descent. The food was washed down with Royal Stout and fresh palm wine obtained from a palm estate in Yong Peng. Quite a potent combination for me.

The recently completed gazebo

The delicious fish head curry cooked by his first wife. It looks like he is going to rope in his two wives into his scheme

Chicken cooked in white wine and the leaves of the 'ma tree'. The chicken are fed on corn.
It is distinctly different and delicious; it reminds me of the traditional Chinese chicken cooked in white wine and ginger for Chinese women after childbirth.

Some guests tucking in

Unfortunately I did not take any picture on palm wine tapping. This image is to give you a general idea about palm wine

Chilled palm wine. Mixed with Royal or Guinness Stout, it could be a potent combination

After the lunch, guests enjoying the palm wine and the serenity of the farm

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