Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Rengit: An Extraordinary Flea Mart (2)

It was by accident that we discovered the Rengit flea market; we wanted to check out a cafe there known for its tasteful traditional Malay architecture. We ended up covering the length of the street in search of used furniture and odd appliances or equipment that might add to the rustic ambiance of Mr. Lim's 'Country Life' project.

The flea market in Rengit is conspicuous for its two extensive rows of ramshackle shacks lining both sides of the road that snakes alongside the Rengit river. What struck me too as odd was that the Malay women do not wear tudung or the baju kurung. I was later told that it was a settlement of 'orang asli' or indigenous people. On the Sultan's directive, they were allowed to occupy state land to conduct their businesses.

A view of the road

A view of the shacks that sell an astonishing variety of second hand goods as well as new teak or rosewood furniture

These shacks double up as living quarters for the families where cooking and washing are done at the back. What is noticeably lacking is a systematic drainage sytem which causes some compounds of houses at the back to be water-logged

Apparently not willing to discard any item, this owner leaves his stuff outside

This is one of the better houses

An exercising machine features prominently in the confusion of used articles

Prams by the dozens

Two golf sets and an assortment of toys and fans and a fridge on the left

Vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, bags, blankets, shoes, even pongo sticks

This shack seems to specialize in audio and video equipment; at the back used teak furniture

This sells used furniture made from 'jati' or teak wood. A lot of this furniture is brought in from Singapore without tax, a privilege accorded by the Sultan of Johor

An old clock

Some wood panels for sale

An old table with graceful legs. It has not been reconditioned yet

A cupboard cum writing table

A four poster bed

Second hand rosewood furniture

Mr Lim ordered a set of 6 teak deck chairs that comes with an outdoor umbrella for RM 700

Nearing the end of the road

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