Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Reminiscing The Past (3)

Images of the old Batu Pahat

I've to thank Yeo Ah Chew, a retired teachers for emailing these scanned photos of the Batu Pahat of 1955.

This is the view of Jalan Soga in 1955

Jalan Soga in 1914

Jalan Rahmat in 1955

Another part of Jalan Rahmat in 1955

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  1. I had a hard time looking for photos like these! I'm currently doing a photo morphing project on Batu Pahat town to encourage more people discuss and cherish the town before every thing is demolished. You can have a look here.

    I'd also like to request for your permission in advance to use all, if not most, of your old photos to carry out my next morphing project. Sorry for the short and straight sentences, I actually tried to send this message three times but it didn't send thru.

    You can reply me via fb or email, if any case this blog is still alive :)