Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Who Is That Girl In The Body Suit?

The past two months have been eventful. The cyber battles that are fought between bloggers and UMNO or the government have provided people with a lot of food for thought. “Malaysia Today” , the foremost political website versus UMNO, the main partner in the coalition government and the government. Out of the blue, a Malaysian Chinese student studying in Taiwan added fuel to the fire when he used the Negara Ku or the Malaysian national anthem to compose a rap about how he feels about Malaysia. The reactions are to be expected: he had the support of the Chinese while the Malays condemned him for desecrating the Malaysian national anthem and insulting them.

Batu Pahat is also not spared of its share of incidents which shook its peace and tranquility: the shooting of a deregistered lawyer who survived and the fatal shooting of a businessmen at point blank; and two weeks ago, a video clip of a girl who seemingly drugged, performed a striptease as phone cameras panned and hands reached out to grab her body in a private karaoke room in a disco in town. It has provided the town with juicy bits of gossip: who is the girl? who filmed her with hand phone cameras? who are her parents? what was the girl doing alone in that place? and what kind of drug was slipped into her drink? Even the worried disco owner, who recently was detained under the Internal Security Act, hurriedly conducted an internal investigation to make sure that it did not take place on his premises.

The video clip, which seems to have spread like wild fire far and near, has stirred the collective lust of the male population, young and old. In coffee shops, restaurants, and hawker centres, people hunched over unabashed and strained to watch the tiny screen of a hand phone.

Every one seems to have a theory, some say she is only seventeen; some say nineteen; she is so-and-so’s daughter; her father owns a motorcylce repair shop; she has obviously done it before; she was definitely paid handsomely for her act; she didn't look like she was drugged; she was the girl who won a model contest in Batu Pahat. Nothing excites people more than to think that they know who she is; to think that she is a slut, a bitch, a whore, a nympho or whatever name you wish to call her; and probably deep down in their subconscious, how they wished they were a party to the action. It was such a shameful thing to witness people scrambling and craning their necks just to watch a video clip on a hand phone. When it was rumoured that there was sequel to the first one, calls after calls were made to ask who had it.

Vultures, that’s what I would call them; vultures sinking their talons into a carcass of meat and feeding in frenzy
. The voyeurs were just as guilty as the perpetrators themselves.

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