Monday, 22 October 2007

The Nine Emperor Gods

The procession in honour of the nine emperor gods or Jiu Wang Ye on Saturday night drew thousands of spectators who flocked the designated streets of Batu Pahat to witness it. Hundreds of devotees took part in the procession which included lion dances and a dragon dance. The procession meandered through the streets in Batu Pahat before ending at the bank of the river near the wet market to send the nine emperor gods off in a fishing boat. Also in the procession were devotees who had their cheeks skewered with long metal rods.

The nine emperor gods are very often known as the 9 north star gods since they are gods of the stars or planets.

Since the arrival of the Nine Emperor Gods is believed to be through the waterways, the procession ended at the river bank near the old wet market.

The nine north stars

Sending the emperor gods off.

Devotees in uniform white T-shirts awaiting the signal to move on

A paper steed fit for an emperor god

Devotees doing penance by having their cheeks skewered with long metal rods

The snake man

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