Friday, 10 April 2009

A Pork Seller's Birthday Bash

A couple of nights ago, I attended a pork seller's birthday at Parit Yaani, a 'pekan', a village town close to Yong Peng. I don't exactly know him, but I tagged along at the invitation of two friends who were invited. They knew that I love to take pictures and so, I was asked to go along. According to them he is a pork seller in the Batu Pahat wet market, and in good times he disposed of 7 pigs a day, but since times are bad he could only sell 5 pigs a day. But his motto is the often repeated cliche "Don't worry, be happy". So he laid out a huge spread to feed and entertain his guests. There was a lot for food which I couldn't keep track of. With a free flow of beer, wine and liquor (for specific guests), and a karaoke session, the guests were set for an entertaining evening.

Food laid out in a long line of tables. Additional dining tables are laid out in the compound of his large house

Mee siam that goes with the curry chicken and mutton

Pork satay

A plentiful supply of beer, stout and soya bean drink. For the preferred guests there were wine and liquor

And a karaoke hired by the birthday boy to allow guests to exercise their vocal chords

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