Monday, 11 October 2010

"DON" Razaleigh Hamzah leading the charge

I got this from Malaysians unplugged uncensored. It's ironical that UMNO has called upon him to lead the charge in the Galas by-election(due to the death of the state assembly man). Hitherto, he has been persona non grata in UMNO. But those UMNO leaders who wouldn't even touch him with a ten foot pole have suddenly welcomed him with open arms, gushing with enthusiasm that he would win back the state seat from PAS. Having appointed him as the state election director, a position traditionally reserved for the big wits in UMNO, they even threw him a challenge to stand for the by-election as well.

The Galas by-election is seen as the bellwether to how political power will be played out between the ruling coalition and the opposition.

Would he be the knight in shining armour, rally the voters to UMNO? Or would he, as the caricature above suggests, end up being ridiculed and disillusioned?

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