Monday, 26 November 2007

Demonstrations In Malaysia

Recently, peace-loving Malaysians have been rudely awakened from their political slumber by a series of demonstrations or rallies that were held to highlight disaffection with the government's actions or inactions. Malaysians have not witnessed such large scale demonstrations in more than a decade.

8 September 2007

MALAYSIAN police shot and wounded two protesters and arrested 23 others in Terengganu as violence broke out at a rally for a free and fair election. Investigation is being carried out to find out why the police discharged their firearms.

26 September 2007

About 800 Malaysian lawyers marched on to the prime minister's office to demand reforms to the country's judiciary after a scandal broke out over allegations of political interference in the appointment of judges.

Lawyers marching to the Palace of Justice

Lawyers gathering at the Palace of Justice

Lawyers registering their protest over the alleged lack of transparency in the appointment of judges.

In the wake of the scandal, the government set up a panel to determine the authenticity of the video clip in spite of calls to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry . However, in an about turn, it recently announced that it would form a commission to investigate the allegation.

10 November 2007

Police disrupted a rally in Kuala Lumpur by BERSIH, a coalition for clean and fair elections, which protested against the Election Commission's apparent lack of a mind of its own in ensuring a fair and just election process. The government accused opposition parties of inciting the masses to assemble illegally and threaten the peace.

25 November 2007

The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) held a rally in Kuala Lumpur, forcing the police to use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd.

The rally was held to submit a petition to the British High Commission to prevail upon the British Government to protect the Indians who were first brought into the country as indentured labourers from alleged discriminatory treatment by the Malaysian Government.

A police officer hurt in the melee


Many Indian organizations as well as others have loudly condemned the rally as an attempt to discredit the government as well the Malaysian Indian Congress, the dominant party representing the Indian community.

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