Thursday, 8 January 2009

Country Living 1

I was intrigued by my friend's desire to live in the countryside. He is planning to build five chalet-like houses for his family and a club house for dining and recreation on a 2.5 acre site next to his aluminium factory. For the past weeks we have been searching for house designs and garden and landscaping ideas on the net. We came up with pretty fine house and garden designs which he could modify.

The good thing about living in the country is you can plant all kinds of fruit trees and have a plentiful supply of fruits. He has bananas, papayas, custard-apples, passion fruit, rambutans, durians, and langsat. He has even a few cocoa plants although cocoa planting has long been abandoned in favour of oil-palm.

The land extends to the fringes of an oil palm estate
The pond, which will be the centre piece of country living. The ground is being returfed with carpet grass. His suggestion that the banana trees that fringe the pond should be cut down was not favourably received

Sadly, this pond will have to go although it is much larger

His dog testing the water gingerly

Frolicking in the pond

A cocoa plant

The cocoa pods

A passion fruit

The sweet-sour fruit

A custard apple

The plentiful common fruits

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