Thursday, 8 January 2009

Country Living 2

Clearing a 2.5 acre secondary jungle is no piece of cake. But Mr. Lim is doing it leisurely. Consumed by his vision of living in the country side surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and plants, he supervises the clearing of the jungle, levelling of the land and digging of a long ditch to drain away water from an abandoned pond. A large part of the land has been cleared.

Mr. Lim

He has the help of some of his Nepalese workers

Clearing the land of debris

A ditch stretching as far as the eye could see has been dug

We found a tortoise while digging the ditch

Before: land covered with weeds and belukar

After: the land has been cleared of weeds and flattened

Before: The abandoned water-logged pond

After: The pond has been filled

Before: This pond is to be the show piece of the site

After: The edge of the pond is being planted with some aquatic plants and a variety of flowering plants

A closer look at the pond

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