Saturday, 13 March 2010

Jack Neo's Kiss-and-tell episode

The recent sex scandal that hit Singapura island must have created a tsunami of sexcitement in the tiny island. It engulfed none other than the famous film director Jack Neo whose comedies and TV series have consistently poked fun at Singapore's moral's fibre and government policies. Now it is his turn, unfortunately, to feel the heat. He, however is spared the embarrassment of having his sexual romps recorded on tapes unlike an unfortunate ex-minister.

On February 28, not on the scale of Tiger Woods of course, another little known victim is the head of a China tobacco company whose personal diary of his sexcapades was published on line by his lover's husband (in a fit of jealousy?), though I wonder how the husband got his hand on the diary if not with the collusion of his wife. Or may be from other enraged lovers of the government official? In China, netizens have used the net to devastating effect to expose corruption and abuse of power by party and government officials.

Read more of the posting here. The latest report said that he was sacked and arrested for corruption after the online revelation of his sexual exploits as well as accepting bribes.

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