Friday, 17 June 2011

The Yellow Viper (2)

"Quote in upper right hand corner attributed to Mayor Kalloch: 'If a dead horse lies in the Street, he is carted away and thrown into the water'." Shows dead Chinese in form of horses being carted away and thrown in the Bay" (Bancroft Library, University of California).

"Overpopulation, gambling, opium houses, disease, filth, immorality depicted as Chinatown's vices. Suggests transplantation to south S. F., being drawn by weak mules of Board of Supervisors and Board of Health" (Bancroft Library, University of California).

White workingmen's Party protesting against Chinese immigrant labour

"Chinese depicted as analogous to this duplicitous character: "California, having once relieved the Chinaman, is now compelled to carry him around indefinitely"(Bancroft Library, University of California).

California (Eureka) nursing Chinese labour in the first panel. Second panel showing fully grown Chinese labour refusing to leave.

Colonel Bee (who fought against driving out the Chinese from California) 'fleeing' from opponents to Chinese labour. He was later acknowledged by the Chinese Emperor as the Chinese Consul at San Francisco.

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