Saturday, 21 February 2009

Curry Wild Boar

We went to the Peach Blossom Garden and Nursery in Pontian (Pontian Besar to be exact) to scout for some flowers and plants. But the real reason was to sample its wild animal cuisine. I know of a restaurant in Batu Pahat that served up stuff like bear or tiger's paw in addition to the usual fruit bat, wild boar, porcupine and squirrel. I don't know if it still does, but I suspect its source of supply has dried up, thanks to the government's tight vigilance. Lest you think that we are heartless, I am not talking about those on the endangered species list like the tiger, bear or the ant-eater but about the squirrel, domesticated deer, wild fowl and wild boar.

What is unusual about this place is that it is only known as a nursery as well as a repair shop for antique Volkswagens but not as a place that serves 'wild animal' dishes. We had two Pontian friends join us and they had trouble locating the place.

The inconspicuous signboard and the famous WW logo in front of the house. The verandah of the house itself can only accommodate two large tables

A section of the nursery in front of the house

A group of four could eat under this small shelter. A covered extension from the verandah allows two more tables to be set.

Part of the nursery

I won't attempt to identify these flowers as I am hopelessly ignorant

Some colourful plants

More colourful plants


The plant above is tagged at 1300 ringgit. The one below has an interesting bulbous stem

Now for the dishes we had. The curry wild boar meat went nicely with French loaves which we bought in Batu Pahat.

The soup is spicy when taken piping hot. The pepper really clears up your throat

Verdict: very good (to me whose taste buds are relatively underdeveloped). To get there, you will have to go to Pontian Besar. The Pontian Besar main road is one punctuated with many traffic lights. Go to the last traffic lights that says turn left to Johor Bahru. Don't turn but go straight; the house is about two kilometres (don't take my word for it; my sense of distance is atrocious) from the traffic lights and on the left.

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  1. What is their contact no? Eversince I lost it, hv been looking frantic for their no. I do know they don't accept walk-in. So very miss the food! Thank u