Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Immigrants In Colonial Malaya and Borneo: a pictorial account (9)

Images of the past

The supply and sale of opium was controlled by powerful towkays, also known as 'kapitans China' through a system known as revenue farming, a licence awarded by the British to powerful Chinese in Colonial Malaya.

Various occupations in early 19th century Malaya

A fortune teller and roadside hawkers

Loke Chow Kit and his businesses. Chow Kit road, is named after him, so is a wet market and the Chow Kit KL monorail station

Fascinated by the bust of a European lady; "China men" jostling for a view at a barber shop in Malacca

Special note: much of the information and many of the images were sourced from, of all places, Cornell University Library listed under the website: South East Asian Visions. I tried to tap into the Malaysian National Archive without much success; so much for its policy of "openness".

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