Saturday, 17 May 2008

Claypot Curry Fish

A new eatery has just opened at Jalan Abu Bakar. It took over Ah Tong’s Bak Gu Teh which has moved to the new Bukit Pasir township. We went over there to try out their claypot curry and assam pedas fish which are their main dishes. How does it compare with Ah Piao’s much thicker curry fish which was featured in this blog some time back? Well, I would say that those who prefer the curry to be thicker, hotter and spicier, would find Ah Piao's much better. But the curry and assam pedas fish here would be more acceptable to people who want to eat healthily. Mix the curry with rice, and the taste is masked. However, with white bread, it would be much better. Personally, I felt that both the curry and assam pedas fish are a trifle bland. The other dishes we ordered were fried sambal squids and fried kangkong. The fried squids were pretty good as they were not over-fried. Anyway, older people would find their fare better suited to their health, as the curry fish contains less santan or coconut milk.

The conclusion: to each his own.

The shop

The claypot curry fish

The claypot assam pedas fish

Squids fried in sambal udang

Fried kangkong

Opening hours

Direction to the shop

Coincidentally, we saw a monitor lizard scurrying across the road to avoid cars

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