Saturday, 31 May 2008

Manisah Mee Bandung

Went to the fish market in Parit Jawa, Muar with John and Ah Seng a couple of days ago to pick up some fish. Parit Jawa is about 35 minutes from Batu Pahat. On the way, we dropped by this inconspicuous Malay eating place, Mi Bandung Manisah, that sells among other Malay food, its famed mee bandung, a kind of noodles in a thick spicy gravy. Those who are weary of Batu Pahat mee bandung could try this place which is about 2 kilometres from Parit Jawa.

Mi bandung Manisah. It was featured in a local magazine

A rather used and faded sign proclaiming its speciality. You could also buy their ingredients to cook your own mee bandung

In addition to the tofu, hard boiled eggs, slices of potatoes, dried squid slices, it also includes a generous amount of shelled clams

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