Monday, 25 January 2010

Muar Food Street

Batu Pahat residents have often claimed arrogantly, that although Muar is the second largest district in Johor, it can never rival Batu Pahat in food, entertainment or business activities. In one aspect, it is true; At one time, Batu Pahat had been notorious for its proliferation of bars and girly barbershops and strip-tease shows. It was even known at one time as a 'little Paris'. Salesmen who came south to do business would always make Batu Pahat their preferred choice of overnight stay. Recently too there have been many pubs that were fronts for sexual activities until the Police came down hard on them with the arrest of many China nationals. So, in a sense, this pride has been misplaced.

Muar has its own attractions, and I for one have always hankered after its Teochew kueh and soon kueh at its famous hawker street. My mother and aunties used to make fantastic Teochew kueh and soon kueh. Sadly, it is just too much trouble to make them anymore, and so whenever I go to Muar, it will be the stall that sells Teochew kueh that I would go to.

The hawker street in Muar

Another shot of the hawker street

Chai tau kueh or carrot cake

This roast and barbecue pork stall is where I used to have my lunch when I was studying in Muar

The lobak stall

Braised duck

Chinese satay (on top of the picture cockles, on the left, pig intestines, on the right, pork)

This is the Teochew kueh and soon kueh stall

On the left, the soon kueh (a kind of Chinese cake with Chinese turnip filling), on the left the Teochew kueh (Chinese cake with glutinous rice filling)

An additional attraction: glutinous rice with barbecue pork slice topping

Teow chiu kueh is best eaten when fried

After all that heat from the sun, settle for a cooling herbal drink

A recently renovated block of buildings that is now a hotel

Another old building that still preserves its old world charm

My friend waiting for his satay; beside him a broken down door of an uninhabited building; I was told that buildings like this would be torn down to make way for the new



  2. Not forgetting Abu Bakar Hanipah Mee Bandung at Jalan Abdullah, Sai Kee Kopi aka Kopi 434 at Jln Maharani, chicken rice balls at Chuan Huat Kopitiam, hot steaming pau near the cross-roads of Jalan Meriam and Jalan Sisi (opp Chuan Huat Kopitiam)at night only.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the additional information. It's good to have readers enrich the posting with more suggestions.