Friday, 14 September 2007

Fish-skin bikini makes a splash

A report from today revealed the latest swimwear: bikinis made from fish-skin.

A Thai model posing in a fish-skin bikini, which the makers say can 'really breathe' and is also waterproof.

"Thai entrepreneurs are now marketing wares made of tilapia skin after finding a way to tan it so that it resembles leather. The fish skin is used to make handbags, shoes, handicrafts and apparel.

Photo: The tilapia from

Fishmongers in Thailand usually sell tilapia skin for just a few cents to street vendors who would fry them up as a cheap snack. This bikini, which has been made from 15 fish skins, will go on sale for US$75 (S$110). Its makers are hoping for orders from Europe and the United States".

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