Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Steamboat Garden

The Steamboat Garden is the most popular steamboat restaurant in Batu Pahat. Located at kilometre 4 along Jalan Minyak Beku, it is a large airy restaurant that has become a popular dining place for locals as well as visitors from other states. Apart from the staple steamboat, the restaurant also prepares other fried dishes, some of which are quite unusual.

Entrance to the restaurant. It has ample parking lots

The well-known steamboat logo

A section of the the restaurant. It also has two V.I.P rooms to cater for private dinners

The restaurant provides a wide selection of live seafood which are kept in well-aerated aquariums for customers to choose.

A siakap


A tilapia

A species of the grouper

Another species of the grouper

Crabs - steamed, fried or baked

For those who have a taste for frog meat

The steamboat. The variety of dishes for the steamboat is astonishing. We opted for some seafood and vegetables

Chinese cabbage



White pomfret




Meat dumplings

Stewed wild fowl is not on the menu. We brought them to be cooked. The ingredients: spring onions, garlic, ginger and onions

Wild fowl fried with ginger, spring onions and dried chilli

Fried tau fu with mayonnaise toppings and jelly fish in the centre of the plate

Fried tau fu

An unusual dish: fried pumpkin chips

The pumpkin chips are dipped in a batter that contains salted egg yolk and fried

A dessert of yam puffs, fried bananas and sweet potatoes wrapped in some kind of skin

The fried banana contains a sweet jelly like filling

The last dish of tropical fruit

Dragon fruit and honey melon


  1. what is the address for this restaurant?

  2. what is the contact number??

  3. Ask the locals how to get to the steamboat joint at MINYAK BEKU, which is the road that leads to the Batu Pahat river mouth. You wont miss the restaurant, its signboard is easily seen. Sorry for the late reply.