Friday, 7 March 2008

Exco Village

I must admit that those who live away from the corridors of power and are pumped a constant 'opiate' of good news from main stream media have missed out many bits of juicy news. This particular piece of news was reported in the Star two years ago, and I must have missed it. But I do remember an incident that became the butt of many jokes: that of Kuala Lumpur City Hall spending RM 93,000, inclusive of tuxedos for its officers, to educate them and their spouses on the etiquette of fine dining in a luxury hotel in 2006. But an exco village? I didn't know what it was until I read it in 'Neglected' natives might snub BN. Trying to find out more, I went to the link given and to my surprise the news item was removed from the Star online. Anyway, there was one that I managed to trace. The exco village was built also in 2006, at a cost of more than RM20 million, purportedly to build up team spirit and to enable the exco-members of the Selangor state to meet regularly and conveniently. It may be old news to many, but it's new to me.

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