Monday, 3 March 2008

Samy and 'Her Husband'

It is strange that the MIC (the Malaysian Indian Congress) President, Samy Vellu should use the analogy of the husband and wife to describe the relationship between the Indian community and the MIC . The husband (the Indian community) should not ask the the wife (the MIC) what she has been doing since she has done all she is supposed to do. The Minister should listen to his wife more and he would have realized that she talks more than he does. Research has shown that women talk three times as much as men.

It is precisely that the wife (Samy) has communicated little to the husband (the Indian community) that the husband in one spontaneous outburst (the Hindraf rally) announced to the world that the hitherto 'dutiful' wife has been neglecting her 'marital' duties.

Now the wife has put on her best sari to court, to persuade, to cajole and even to threaten if she doesn't get her way.

Sounds confusing isn't it?

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