Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Grand Sea View Restaurant

For a town of 200,000 inhabitants, Batu Pahat can boast of a restaurant that can seat 2000 guests: the Grand Sea View Restaurant. Its closest rival, the Batu Pahat Ocean Restaurant could not match its size and grandeur. Last Friday I attended the Tong Fang's 28th Annual General Meeting cum Chinese New Year dinner there.

The Tong Fang, literally meaning 'the East room', comprising 600 members, is actually a sub-clan of the Nam Wah people, a clan from the Hokkien province in China. My host even told me that the clan is in the process of tracing the genealogical tree of each member. Such is their emotional attachment that many members have made it a point to visit their ancestors' homes once a year.

The dinner was 'unexpectedly' graced by two candidates for the coming general election, Koh Chee Chai, the state assembly candidate for Penggaram and Dato Ariss Bin Samsudin, the state assembly candidate for Semerah and their entourage. Koh Chee Chai spoke, but I think the guests were more interested in their food and drink.

The restaurant

Side view

One of the entrances

The lobby. The partitions are electrically operated to slide back to extend the banquet hall end to end.

The banquet hall

'Dishes' made from plaster of paris

A close-up-shot

The first dish

Chicken herbal soup

Braised pork leg and steamed buns

Fried buttered prawns

Steamed red snapper in tomyam sauce

Barisan Nasional campaign workers

More campaign workers

The state assembly candidate, Koh Chee Chai giving a speech

Michael with the God of Prosperity

He insisted on taking a picture with the waitress

John gave specific instructions to have his photo taken

Friends receiving an 'ang pow' of a lottery ticket each

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