Thursday, 27 March 2008


Having a laugh at MCA's expense. From

Some pointers on the song:

  • MCA: the Malaysian Chinese Association, a Chinese component party in the government (the Barisan Nasional)
  • Soh chai: a stupid fellow
  • Ali Baba: a system of having a Malay partner in a business for the purpose of procuring contracts, particularly government contract
  • UMNO man: a member of the United Malay National Organization, the most powerful political party in the country
  • Sub: to sub-contract to another party
  • Open tender: Procuring projects through open tender. It has been the government's policy of affirmative action to have close tenders to help Malay businessmen
  • Kau Tim: Cantonese dialect. "How to kau tim" - how to solve or bypass the open tender system
  • Keris: the Malay wavy bladed dagger; the symbol of Malay supremacy

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