Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Terengganu's Crystal Mosque And Stadium Project Scandal

A report from SinarHarapan

Source:of newspaper cutting:

Let me summarize the contents of the news article as competently as I can.

Confidential information on Dato Idris Jusoh’s mismanagement of state funds has reached the ears of the Terengganu Sultan. According to the report,

  • Some individuals have accused the Chief Minister of misusing state funds for his own pecuniary benefit. A report has also been lodged with the Anti Corruption Agency over the allegation.
  • The Sultan had known of his transgressions, and would reject Dato Idris as the Chief Minister if the Barisan Nasional wins in the coming election.
  • The latest incident reported includes the building of the Crystal Mosque which has jumped from RM 80 million to more than RM 200 million.
  • Another alleged deviation concerns the construction of a stadium, the cost of which escalated from the original RM 180 million to almost RM 300 million.

It is believed that variation orders for the two projects have been approved and released to the contractors involved. The balance of the payments is said to have been credited to the accounts of individuals said to be close to the Chief Minister.

Sources close to the Anti-Corruption Agency revealed that investigation on both the allegations would begin after the general election.

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