Monday, 28 April 2008

Breakfast in Batu Pahat

Every morning, it is a struggle to decide what to have for breakfast. You might say that Batu Pahat residents are spoilt for choice, which indeed we are as there are so many breakfasts you can think of: chee cheong fun, pork porridge, beef noodles, carrot cake, laksa, chicken rice, a wide variety of nasi lemak, mee siam, mee, dim sum...etc, etc. I decided to settle for a simple breakfast at the old bus station at Jalan Omar. It is 3 half-boiled eggs, black coffee, and a packet of nasi lemak. Cost: RM 3.20.

Black coffee and a packet of nasi lemak

Three half-boiled eggs. I was told that the secret in making them is to soak the eggs in cold water after they are half-boiled

This particular shop uses a black soya sauce that suits my palette

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