Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More Abandoned Pre-War Buildings

As I walked round the old Batu Pahat town, I discovered more and more decaying pre-war buildings.

This building 'Ong Ban Hong Leong" used to sell car spare-parts. It is at the cross-section of Jalan Mohd Akil and Jalan Sultanah

This is also at the cross-section of Jalan Mohd Akil and Jalan Sultanah

This is at Jalan Soga. The window panels have been replaced with glass

This the Thye Ho Thong Medical store at Jalan Soga

This is at the cross-section of Jalan Sultanah and Jalan Mohd Akil. This used to be a clinic

This is the Tai Kong Goldsmith

An abandoned house with a large compound at Jalan Mohd Akil

This is by far the best kept abandoned house: the front

A fortune-teller setting up shop in one of the demolished shops along Jalan Rahmat

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