Friday, 18 April 2008

Under The Sledgehammer

Recently, several pre-war buildings have been slated for or have gone under the sledgehammer. These buildings have decayed beyond salvation. It is unfortunate, but they have become uninhabitable. There has to be a conscious effort particularly on the part of the local town council to vet applications for these houses to be torn down and rebuilt. The new buildings should preferably blend in with the prevailing architectural character of the street they are located. There are not many of these old buildings left in the old Batu Pahat town.

The police barracks have also been demolished; so also has the old hospital along Jalan Kluang.

This block of pre-war houses along Jalan Sultanah is to make way for a new block of offices

The block to be demolished lies next to the famous decrepit Shaw Cinema House

This particular building is along the busy Jalan Jenang

These are along Jalan Rahmat, one of which is the Poh Kong spectacle shop that has been in the business since independence

-This is at the cross-section between Jalan Soga and Jalan Rahmat

This block is at the cross-section between Jalan Sultanah and Jalan Zabedah

And this is the police barracks. The tiles of the roofs have been removed

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