Monday, 21 April 2008

Wild Life Fare

Last Saturday we were in for a treat when Oni invited us for some braised wild boar meat. Hunting for wild boars and wild fowls is a common past-time for estate owners and small holders. They are allowed to own shot-guns to rid the plantations and small-holdings of wild boars that destroy their oil palm saplings. The meat was bought at RM 5.00 a kilo. Fowls on the other hand are caught by immobilizing them with a torchlight and trapping them in a hand-held net. Wild fowls cost RM10.00 a piece.

Certain restaurants do provide meat of the wild boar, squirrel, porcupine, deer, wild goat, bat and some times bear’s paw although it is illegal as it is a protected animal. These meats are commonly braised in black sauce, ginger, dried chili, spring onions, onions and a dash of Chinese wine.

Wild boar meat braised in black sauce, five-spice powder and garlic

Slabs of meat ready for the chopper

Oni's wife slicing the wild boar meat

Sliced juicy wild boar meat topped with parsley

The gravy

The best part of the meat is the skin. It separates easily from the flesh

John enjoying the sliced wild boar meat

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