Monday, 21 April 2008

Xin Yang Restaurant

There is a new restaurant in town at Taman Setia Jaya. By Batu Pahat standard, the food is pricey. I was just in time to try a couple of dishes, one of which was a tofu with minced spinach. A pretty unique and delicious dish. The tofu costs RM 1.50 a piece. The sweet and sour pork is of course standard fare, but the pork is done just right, juicy and tender. The bao chi, or whole shark-fin soup at RM 58 a bowl was crunchy, and the soup thick and smooth with a hint of boiled dried scallop; the thickness and smoothness is not the result of adding cornstarch as is common in most restaurants. The scallop was boiled to perfection as it had not lost its taste or texture. Another dish was sliced cod fish steamed in light soy sauce, which is a common dish; the flesh is juicy and smooth.

In the midst of inflation, of increases in essential food items, people are still splurging.

Bao Chi or whole shark-fin soup

The soup is taken with parsley and tao ge or bean-sprouts

This fried tofu is unique. A third of it comprises minced spinach and tofu and the rest is pure tofu

The sweet and sour pork

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