Friday, 12 December 2008

Rojak English Of Another Kind

This is what we would call the 'tidak apa' attitude; the nonchalant or indifferent way in which a task is performed with little or no supervision. Never mind if it is not done properly as long as it is done. The culprit could have easily got someone to vet what's written, but no, the website was allowed to go on the net for all to read and laugh at. Or was it translated using a language translation software? It is well known that these software are unreliable. Try using Google translation tool for Mandarin and you will see what I mean. Whatever it is, the website still has to be checked first. It has since been amended.

The original version was taken from Lim Kit Siang's blog .

1. I’m 17 year old, when should I change my identity card replacement?
A person whose had got first-time identity card namely during old 12 year, are required change again his identity card when have reached the age 18 year. If this change made within life time 18 - 25 year, no any penalty imposed.

2. I already 25 year old and still not have my own identity card. What shoul I do?
To them not yet own identity card although already aged more 16 year are advised to come to any nearby NRD to apply identity card past record. Applicant and promoter must showed up together to be interviewed, bringing with together following documents:-
Applicant Born Certificate / AnakAngkat’s Certificate / W’s Form Or
Applicant Enter Permit / Confirmation Form National Standard(if concerning)
Promoter Identity Card.

3. I a foreign citizens and have gotten permit of entry from Jabatan Immigration Malaysia. Whether I qualified to apply identity card? What is conditions for I apply identity card.
You qualified to apply identity card with permanent resident status(Red). Applications requirements is bringing with permit of entry and passport and copy both of them and application fee as many as RM 40.00. Applications can be made in NRD Putrajaya Headquarters and NRD Branches only.

4. Is there any payment am being imposed in case happened damage for chip in my identity card.
Chip damage who is not due to purposely destroyed, misuse and others within one year from the date of submission card is give replacement by free, and if card period has been held by the applicant exceeding one year, payment as many as RM 10.00 imposed.

5. How many payment am being imposed if I loss identity card?
Lost identity card would be charged follow loss number. Please see payment schedule.

I would not want to bore you with more of the same. Check it out on the link to Lim Kit Siang's blog.

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