Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Free E-books

I was googling for free ebooks as books have become expensive. And they are aplenty. One that I have read recently was "Son of Sparta". I guess not many of you might have heard of Sparta, but you would have heard of the Trojan Horse from which a computer malware derived its name.

Obviously, the book is not a bestseller, otherwise it would not have been available for free. But it was an interesting read for its sociological insight into the life of a spartan child given to military training since the age of 6. An unusual aspect of military training for young boys was the accepted practice of sodomy by the boy's mentor who would take him under his wings to prepare him for the life of a Spartiate (full fledged spartan soldier). Ancient Sparta enforces strict segregation between women and men; and a Spartan soldier is not to marry until he has reached the age of 30. Even after marriage, they spend most of their time in army camps away from the womenfolk. Many Spartiates having boy lovers for most of their military life have not been able to adapt to a normal heterosexual relationship.

A good place to start to look for free e-books is The Burgomeister's Books.


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