Friday, 9 April 2010


Within a week of its launch by the Prime Minister, My Procurement portal, which lists government contracts awarded, was subjected to intense grilling in the parliament by parliamentarian, Tony Pua.

The most glaring error was the contract to supply food worth Rm 6.5 billion to the army stationed in the north for 3 years, a sum equivalent to buying 4 submarines, according to Tony Pua. The Defence Ministry subsequently amended the figure to Rm 6.5 million.

A contract to build a 200 room hostel for students in Trengganu had a price tag of Rm 78 million, which works out to be Rm 390,000 per room. The contract figure was also amended to Rm 7.8 million. The same company which was awarded this contract was also given another contract worth Rm 39.9 million to build affordable houses for Trengganu folks. Pua further revealed that this company was set up in Dec 2007 with no revenues in his books as at 31 Dec 2008. The said company which has no track record has been awarded contracts totalling Rm534 million in the last 6 months, and the main shareholder and director is someone who turns 23 this month.

Read here for more discrepancies spotted by Tony Pua. Well, all I can think of is that the government's coffer is one big juicy plum that the well-connected have sunk their teeth into.

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