Sunday, 24 February 2008

Barbecued Prawns on Skewers

It seems that I am promoting Batu Pahat Ocean Seafood Restaurant. But I have always found the restaurant to be cozy, has a lot of parking space, and above all the food is excellent but reasonably priced, and the service is great. Last night, we went and ordered a few dishes.

Batu Pahat Ocean Seafood Restaurant

A chef, immaculately attired, barbecued prawns on skewers outside the restaurant

The barbecued prawn

The sauce for the prawns. Alongside, are pickled pineapple

RM 8.00 per 100 grams of prawns

Another excellent dish we had: mixed seafood tofu deep-fried with mayonnaise dressing and fresh vegetable

This is braised diced belly pork with steamed buns, minced pork and vegetables. It's a variation of the 'kong ba' pao. Really good!

'kong ba' or braised pork eaten with steamed buns

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