Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Tracking The Election Campaign Trail 9

The Keadilan Rakyat election manifesto is out. Its slogan: A new dawn for Malaysia

Part I - A Constitutional State for All
Upholding Unity, Integrity & Human Rights

KeADILan believes that the spirit of the Constitution and the rule of law must be honoured in deed, and not only in words. True adherence to the Constitution and principles of universal justice will ensure the rule of law and an independent judiciary, as well as guarantee that the basic human rights and dignity of all are protected and upheld.

Part II - A Vibrant, Prosperous Economy for All
Equitable Distribution for Better Competitiveness

KeADILan’s Malaysian Economic Agenda espouses our belief that if we are to compete globally and ensure vibrant internal growth, discriminative polices that only enrich the elites must be replaced with a policy that ensures assistance to all poor Malaysians regardless of race.

Part III - A Safer Malaysia for All
A Cleaner Police Force for Safer Streets

Endemic mismanagement of the police force for political ends, internal division and tolerance of a culture of corruption have all crippled the ability of the police to serve and protect ordinary Malaysians....KeADILan envisions a police force that is professional, neutral, better deployed, better trained and better equipped to realise their primary goal of patrolling our streets and keeping Malaysians safe from every harm.

Part IV - An Affordable Malaysia for All
Better Control of Prices for Petrol & Basic Goods

As Malaysia is a net exporter of oil, sudden and dramatic hikes in petrol prices only reflect subsidies of an insatiable appetite for corruption in the ruling party. KeADILan promises to lower the price of petrol in line with higher Petronas profits as well as manage the prices of basic goods to ensure a consistent, steady supply. Tolls and tariffs will also no longer be raised unreasonably only to satisfy conglomerates and corporate interests.

With Malaysian university rankings slipping well below the 200 mark and children leaving the national school system in droves, we must seriously re-evaluate the government’s policies. KeADILan will allow institutions of learning the freedom to engage the best practices that raise the standard of education, pay educators the salaries their profession deserves, and enable universal access to scholarships and higher quality education for all.

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